Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 WGI World Championships Recap

The 2013 WGI World Championships were held in Dayton, Ohio last weekend. Rhythm X won first place in Independent World competition with a record score of 98.263. Aimachi, the WGI group from Japan and always a fan favorite, placed 6th. In scholastic world class, for the first time ever, Dartmouth High School did NOT place in the top three (they just missed the medals by placing fourth)! Father Ryan always has entertaining shows and finally got a medal for their effort. The list of winners for each class is below (with some links to some YouTube videos):
2013 wgi world championships recap

  • Independent World Champion - Rhythm X
  • Scholastic World Champion - Chino Hills School
  • Independent Open Champion - Capital City Percussion
  • Scholastic Open Champion - Upper Darby High School
  • Independent A Champion - Brookwood Independent
  • Scholastic A Champion - Hilton High School
  • Concert World Class - James Logan High School
  • Concert Open Class - Clayton High School

You can find all the finals scores here.

Fan Favorite Awards

Fans at the show voted for their favorite drumline via text message. Interesting, none of the fan favorites were the gold medal champions picked by the judges. Here are the winners of the fan favorite award for each class:

  • Independent World - Infinity
  • Scholastic World - Father Ryan High School
  • Independent Open - River City Rhythm
  • Scholastic Open - Dorman High School
  • Independent A - Spirit of America
  • Scholastic A - Mechanicsburg High School
  • Concert Class - Tunstall High School

Now that indoor drumline season is over it’s time to begin looking forward to drum corps. See the 2013 DCI schedule here:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Drumline Humor: Honk War

This is a funny drum video called Honk War. An innocent meeting at a traffic lights quickly escalates into an all out war over who has the better skills playing the car horn.  The battle climaxes when one driver pulls out a pair of drumsticks and starts drumming on the steering wheel. Hilarious! And something I’ve totally done before (drum on the steering wheel that is, not get into a honk war). Watch the funny drum video below: