Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DCI Massillon OH Show Review - August 3rd, 2010

Finally! I made it out to my first DCI show in three years! Here are the scores and a few thoughts on the eight drum corps which performed at Paul Brown Stadium (a high school stadium are you joking me?). Following is a video I shot of the Bluecoats encore performance.
8. Pioneer - 73.8 Religion and drum corp should be kept separate. Very awkward show to say the least.
7. Spirit - 80.20  Show called "Icon"
6. Troopers - 82.05Spolier alert: chick pulls out a gun at the end.
5. Blue Knights - 85.95 Never liked the Blue Knights for some reason, starting with indoor drumline.
4. Madison Scouts - 86.05 Another crowd pleasing show (standing-o) that the judges disliked.
3. Santa Clara Vanguard - 90.45 I believe this is the group with the split flam taps. Very "artsy."
2. Cadets - 92.45 Toy soldiers, very entertaining and fun to watch. Could've done without the baby sound effects though. Only four bass drums.
1. Bluecoats - 93.75 Not sure if they were really deserving to win but it was their home show. Love the snare tuning.