Monday, November 28, 2011

VDrums : Friend or Foe? - Gigging with a VDrum TD20

Hello, my name is Chris B. Olds, I’m a Pro drummer on an Indie tour right now with my own Band, Buddhahead Groove Faktory. - I’ve been on Tour on and off for the last 25 years, most recently with the Jonathan McEuen Band. I purchased a Roland VDrum set, so I’ve been using this TD20 for a couple of years now and I don’t mind sharing the experience...which has been pretty great so far! Yes there have been a couple of times I was “Holy S*** what if the electronics fail !! “ and ..Well that honestly is a possibility, even so, I try and keep my mind on more constructive thoughts in general...( hoping I can afford a backup brain soon.. )

Here is one example, I was playing a show outdoors last summer and I found out a big no no for this platform...The Sun, or Direct Sunlight. No good, the LCD Display started failing and I could not tell if that was all that started to go. So make sure you have plenty of shade or throw something over it if you Must Play in the Direct Sun for a Show.

Additionally, Moving this VDrum kit seems to be OK, I have it down to a science now as I did with my Traditional Drum Kit for 35 now, it’s just a little change of my system, and blammo...50 Drum kits in one. That’s what comes with this drum set from the Factory but it looks like there is room for 100. I have not had time to customise or custom program anything...yet.

So there they are... a couple of key points that I love about this kit, the portability and the versatility. The cymbal and or hi hat action is the only serious detractor I can think of really. I like my Master Sound Zildjian Hats and these things do not even come close to the kind of response I need from my hats. So I live with it...seriously, I paid a lot of money for this bad boy and I love all the benefits of owning a Roland VDrum TD20...and I would recommend it to anyone considering buying an electronic drum set.

I’ll be back soon with an update on the VDrum kit and some thoughts on Recording Art and working in the studio with the VDrums. 

Thanks to Chris Olds for becoming Percussion and Drum Stuff's first guest blogger. Contact me if you are interested in writing or sharing an article with us.