Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Man Group Tour Review

I watched the Blue Man Group perform at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday. This is the second time in the past twelves months that I've seen the blue men perform, and third time overall with the previous two being the permament show in Orlando at Universal's Citywalk. Those first two viewings at Universal Orlando were pretty much identical shows. Going into this performance, I was hoping the show would be little bit different and it was! The major changes from the Orlando version was the addition of the Gi-pads ("to do for reading what texting has done for driving!") These giants screens basically serve as a way to transition between the different segments of the show.

Which show did I prefer? While the Blue Man Group tour was plenty entertaining I have to say the Universal Orlando version is superior mainly due to the fact that the theater was custom built and designed specifically for their show. The biggest problem at the Palace was not being able to see everything on stage. Orlando has a smaller, more intimate theater.
What is the Blue Man Group? It's not just about drumming. Actually, being a hard core WGI and DCI fan, the actual drumming in the show by the Blue Men is not impressive at all. However, the show is about way more than drumming. Drumming is only a tiny part. The show is more about entertainment and comedy, technology and cool effects. It's fun for the whole family. I also appreciate some of the themes in the show, such as go out and have a real experience instead of living your life through your phone by texting and tweeting.